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Your Freedom at the Piano Game Plan Session is Booked!

How Should I Prepare?

Step 1. Meet one of our clients!

How Felicity was able to learn to improvise at the piano using the Discovery Roadmap... without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Before working together, Felicity tried everything:

❌ Traditional piano lessons and exam pathways

❌ Ear training methods that didn't translate to her piano playing

❌ Online jazz piano courses that didn't give enough support or accountability

Even though she was a great pianist and piano teacher with a good foundation in theory and ear training, she still couldn't translate her knowledge into being able to CREATE music at the piano.

But over the past few months of working together, Felicity has:

✅ Had more FUN learning the piano than ever before

✅ Is able to improvise confidently with her students and colleagues

✅ Feels confidence in her ability to create her own music

Here's how she did it...

Step 2. How To Prepare For Your Call...

✅ Please be in a quiet place without distractions, preferably with a computer nearby, on the day & time your call is scheduled with a pen & paper to take notes.

✅ We understand that you might have questions about learning to improvise and the Complete Pianist program. Please prepare your questions in advance, so that we can hit the ground running on your call.

✅ If you have not already, tap the link below to join our group for transitioning piano improvisers. Have a look around.

Click here to join the free Freedom at the Piano Facebook Group.

Step 3. Want to See What the Complete Pianist Program is All About? Take a Look!

How to Avoid Confusion and Overwhelm When Learning to Improvise (The Discovery Roadmap)

The Discovery Roadmap Guide (Click to Access the PDF!)

The Improvisation Mastery Pyramid Guide (Click to Access the PDF!)

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