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Welcome to The Complete Pianist Improvisation Mentorship Program!

Getting Started

There's a lot of support available in The Complete Pianist Program, and I use several different platforms to help each of you reach your goals, so here's a guide to each of the ways we will work together so you can hit the ground running!

Private Facebook Community

The first thing that you'll want to do is accept your membership to the The Complete Pianist Facebook Group.

You will have received an invite to the group after your first payment. Click here to access the group.

Inside the group you'll find:

  • Information About Weekly Q&A Calls/Group Sessions in the "Events" Tab

  • Recorded Course Content in the "Guides" Tab

  • Weekly Accountability Posts Each Monday in the "Discussion" Tab


Click here for a tutorial on navigating the Facebook Page and the resources there.

Individual Support

Even though everything needed for you to be successful in the program is in the group, there's a wealth of individual support and accountability to help guide and motivate you to reach your ultimate goals. 

Marco Polo
You can reach me any time you need, preferably by messaging me on Marco Polo. I typically respond to Marco Polos within 24 hours.

Use Marco Polo to:
Send me updates of your practice
Ask course-related questions
Ask logistical questions (such as when our next scheduled meeting is or to book a Focus Session)

I will use Marco Polo to check in with you and to follow up on assignments.

Click here for information about downloading Marco Polo via the Marco Polo website.

After downloading the app, send me a message using my phone number.

Focus Sessions

If you need individualized support after you've tried attending a group session, message me to book a Focus Session, a 15-30 minute session where we'll focus on one area that you need help with. 

Monthly Check-Ins

In our monthly check-ins, we'll check your progress, adjust your weekly assignments and your Discovery Roadmap 6-Month Plan, and make sure you have everything you need to have a successful month. Typically Monthly Check-Ins are 45-90 minutes in duration, and are scheduled as recurring events in MyMusic Staff. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is where I keep records of each of your short term assignments and long term goals. It's also where you're welcome to save any resources you'd like to keep track of in one place.Click here for a tutorial on accessing and managing your Google Drive folder.


MyMusicStaff is where I handle billing records and my booking calendar. 

If you're paying monthly, you will receive a monthly invoice, which is due by the 5th of each month.

If you've paid in advance for a 3- or 6-month package, your balance will show up as a non-refundable credit to your account.

Click here for a tutorial on accessing your Online Portal and syncing your lesson schedule with your personal calendar app.

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