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Michael Clement

Pianist, Composer, and Educator

I help musicians level up their craft, find direction in their development, and achieve freedom in creativity.

Want to get started soloing at the piano? Click below to access my free minicourse, the "Linear Connection Method Bootcamp!

Through my experience as a pianist, composer, and instructor both privately and at the University of North Texas, I've helped scores of musicians find a fast-track to their goals—helping them to feel confident and capable both with their craft and in life.

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As a music educator, it's my mission to help every pianist be able to sit down and play the piano freely, without the aid of written music. Being able to do so myself is a great joy in my own life.


However, traditional music teaching doesn't prepare you with these skills, and you may have felt overwhelmed in the past when learning to improvise.


I've created a program to simplify this learning process for you.

Students shouldn't have to...

  • Feel overwhelmed by the pace of new concepts

  • Feel intimidated when trying new things

  • Struggle to feel motivated when they practice

  • Learn music without adequate support

  • Wait until their next lesson to get the help they need​


With my program you can:

  • Get support as you need it

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Learn how to make practice enjoyable

  • Learn music by ear and with sheet music

  • Work on music you love

  • Have a community of support

  • Have a patient mentor and coach

  • Create a curriculum plan that is tailored to your goals

In my innovative piano improvisation program, The Complete Pianist, you will learn to confidently learn music by ear, arrange your favorite songs, and learn to play freely at the piano. 

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The Complete Pianist

Ways to Work With Me:

The Complete Pianist Program

The Complete Pianist is for intermediate and advanced pianists who want to expand their skills through improvisation and learning music by ear. Click the button below to see if this program is right for you!

Piano Lessons

Michael creates lifelong musicians through 1:1 lessons and asynchronous online support. Click the button below to schedule a trial lesson!

Piano and Keyboard Performance

Michael is a sought-after performer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Click the button below to book Michael for your upcoming event!

Composition and Music Production

Michael is an award-winning composer-arranger and has written works for large jazz ensemble, orchestra, and projects for film and media. Click the button below to hire him for your next upcoming project!

What People Are Saying:

"Michael helped improve my confidence and give me the foundation I needed."

Landon Whitworth
Former Student, Percussionist, Music Therapist

Michael was an awesome Piano teacher! As a percussionist with a Bachelor's degree, I was interested in learning jazz piano. Michael helped refresh my fundamentals on the instrument, improve my confidence and give me the foundation I needed to start on my jazz piano journey. He also had a plethora of resources to help me as I continue moving forward. I would recommend Michael for any student wanting to become a better pianist and especially those interested in jazz.

"Michael has helped me focus my goals in the right direction. I would highly recommend [him]."

Dr. Landon Bell
Current Student, Dentist

Michael is an amazing musician and fantastic instructor. I have learned so much during my time with him and he has helped me focus my goals in the right direction. I have had a few piano teachers, and his knowledge of theory and his ability to teach it is amazing. I would highly recommend Michael as a piano teacher for any skill level.

He immediately brought energy and fun into our house and set the tone for a fabulous party!

Rachel Wilcox

I hired Michael to play the piano in our home during a small private party. He immediately brought energy and fun into our house and set the tone for a fabulous party! He played anything and everything we asked. Amazingly talented. He was so good we hired him to stay an extra hour! I will definitely be using Michael again. Thank you for the perfect evening.

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